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Questions and Answers:

ärt ə ‘ fekts is a co-op art gallery. What does that mean?

  • This co-op is governed by a Board of Directors which makes the decisions related to the business of the gallery.

Why would it be beneficial for me as an artist to become a Consignor at ärt ə ‘ fekts.

  • First – location, location, location! ärt ə ‘ fekts is in the busy downtown art district of Pittston PA. In addition, Pittston attracts visitors from all over the United States yearly for its Boden Outlet, Tomato Festival, Paint Pittston Pink and St. Patrick’s Day parade, etc.
  •  It is a beautiful store that offers you the space to showcase your artwork for sale without you having to be physically present each day to sell
  • ärt ə ‘ fekts has a monthly e-newsletter, member page on website, Facebook and Instagram page that will go out to thousands of people.
  • You would get exposure and recognition through the following venues:  The City of Pittston, Second Friday Art Walks, Holiday Parades and events, Paint Pittston Pink, Tomato Festival and many other city-sponsored events.
  • Networking with many talented artists.
  • Opportunities for development-both as an artist and in business.
  • Gallery Exhibit Opportunity
  • Feature member window opportunity
  • Included in marketing and promotion

What are the criteria that must be met to be juried-in as a Consignor at ärt ə ‘ fekts?

  • Artist’s work must be a unique, original design that is entirely assembled by the artist. Artist must be the sole legal owner of all rights, title and interest in artwork. Artist does not and will not infringe on or violate the rights of any other party, including any copy-right interests.
  • Artists shall exhibit only their own artwork. Artists may exhibit originals, prints, copies, or other reproductive forms of their own work.
  • Collaborative artwork shall be considered by the Board on an individual basis.
  • Artists shall contract and participate as sole proprietors and not as a partnership, Limited Liability Company, corporation or other business association.
  • Artwork cannot be for sale at any other retail establishment in the downtown Pittston district.
  • Consignors’ artwork will be displayed in a space designated by the design team.

What is the review process to become a consignor? When will I know if I’ve been accepted? Contact Mary Kroptavich at 570-299-5954 or 570-885-2323 to discuss the jury process.  Be prepared to discuss a drop-off time, the number of items required, suggested retail price of each item, etcetera.

  • A representative from the Jury Committee will contact you within seven days of receipt.
  • If accepted, you will be given a contract from ärt ə ‘ fekts, and all applicable fees are due at the submission of the contract.
  • E-mail is used extensively to communicate, so an email address is required

What is the cost to be a Consignor at ärt ə ‘ fekts?

  • $25/month usage fee, that must be paid semi-annually at the beginning of each 6 – month term, i.e. Jan 1 to June 1.
  • Consignors shall commit to at least one year contract term.
  • ärt ə ‘ fekts will deduct a 30% commission on all sales. Artists are paid monthly.
  • $25 non-refundable application fee. This fee is paid by anyone applying.  If accepted into the gallery the $25 goes toward the annual fee.
  • Annual Membership $100. This fee goes towards the overhead costs of paying rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

Do I need to provide my own display items such as jewelry cabinet, shelves, browse boxes?

  • ärt ə ‘fekts design team provides: jewelry cabinets, shelves, pedestals, lighting, artist name signs and wall space. jewelry boxes are the responsibility of the individual Artist.
  • Hanging artwork must be hung with a hanger appropriate for the artwork. Framed pictures should have picture hanging wire mounted to the frame. Saw tooth hangers are not permitted.
  • Showcasing and display of all artwork through the co-op is at the discretion of ärt ə ‘fekts design team.

How does ärt ə ‘ fekts advertise?

  • Advertising in local newspapers, the City of Pittston website, Gallery Website, Pittston Chamber of Commerce website
  • ärt ə ‘ fekts Facebook and Instagram page.
  • ärt ə ‘ fekts collaborate with various City of Pittston organizations via their social media.
  • ärt ə ‘ fekts uses a monthly e-newsletter to thousands of people to showcase various artists, events and happenings.


  • Please list all (One per line please) Website, Facebook Business Page, Instagram, Or other Social Media presence that represents your artwork.