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Member Artists:




Mary Kroptavich


Fine Art Photography and Portraiture


Mary Kroptavich is a child-through-adult portrait artist who strives to capture the beauty within us all. When she is not photographing humans, she is in the woods capturing wildlife; being outdoors is what keeps her grounded. The child of two blind parents, Mary grew up having no camera or photos on the wall. Since childhood, she has been the “eyes and story teller” for those who cannot see. That experience has given her the wonderful talent of seeing beauty with her eyes closed and creating beautiful images. Mary has an affinity for classic Fine Art Portraits and Black and White Images. In addition to running the gallery and her own photography studio, Mary is a mom to three beautiful girls, drinks coffee non stop, strives to learn all she can about photography, sings and listens to music, and tries to make every day of her life special and better than yesterday.



Barry Barosky


Mixed Media


Pittston Native Barry Borosky studied art at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and is currently a student at the Tyler School of Art, Temple University



Paul Bracey


Fine Art Photography


Paul Bracey is from Wilkes Barre, PA. He is a photographer who has a penchant for beautiful landscapes but enjoys other genres of photography as well.



Jeremy Conrad


Fine Furniture


Jeremy Conrad owns Forkston Woodworks. He creates unique handcrafted furniture using local woods, including cherry, maple, walnut, and oak, to even the most sought after figured types of hardwoods such as curly maple and curly cherry. He works with a small local lumber mill, hand selecting each piece with a particular project in mind.



Diane Cosgrove




Diane Cosgrove was born and raised in Duryea. She went to Bloomsburg University for a Bachelors Degree in Biology and received a Masters Degree from Temple University. She taught in the Pittston Area high school for 35 years. Her two passions (apart from her family) are photography and golf. She particularly enjoys photographing the up-and-coming city of Pittston, but her photographs are not limited to the city.



Paul DeLuca


Fine Art Pottery


A Millersville University graduate and native of Wilkes Barre, Paul DeLuca resides in Dalton, where he operates Bank Street Pottery. He has taught art in the US and abroad. He spent may years as a partner in a leading Northeastern Pennsylvania Advertising firm.



Barbara Eichler 


Drawing, Painting, Storytelling


Barbara grew up in NYC, where she began to study the arts at the HS of Art and Design and then went on to spend four years on full scholarship at the School of Visual Arts as a sculpture major.

After becoming a resident of Pennsylvania, she built a resume including Set Designer for the Scranton Public Theater, Screen Printing, and 15 years as a Graphic Artist.

These days, her mindset is “1,000 AND 1 WAYS TO TELL A STORY”.

Going back to the basics of pen and ink on paper, Barb explores the depths of the human mind while infusing everyday life with imagination to conjure up some magical images.

“It is about making observations in your daily life and realizing there is something interesting about it all. It is said that we are 3 dimensional creatures living in a 3 dimensional world.


However, our eyes can show us only 2 dimensions, our brains must interpret the rest.”



David Green




Born in Detroit, David was introduced to art by his grandmother, who was a talented painter. After college, he began to study art history, drawing, and sculpture, and he apprenticed himself to local artists who helped him develop his skills. Later, since there were no local stone carvers in the area, he utilized the masters as his instructors by compiling a library so he could study their photographs, analyze their techniques, and apply those techniques to his body of work. David’s best teacher has been experience, and his work continues to grow based on these strong foundations. Each unique piece is charged with a sense of life and purpose. Even his most abstract works are inspired by abstract forms. Throughout his career, his concepts have been expressed in wood, stone, and bronze. Recent works have been in imported marbles and alabaster and can be found in many private and select public collections in Europe and the U.S.



Scarlet Kinney


Oil Paintings, Mixed Media Watercolor and Pastels


Scarlet Kinney lives in coastal Maine and has been an artist for most of her life. She holds degrees in studio art from Goddard College and the University of New Mexico. Prior to a 1988 studio fire that destroyed all but a few of the hundreds of paintings and drawings she had created by that time, and in which she was severely burned, Scarlet was focused, like so many artists, on creating a career for herself in the art world. After the fire, however, her focus changed. She wanted time to explore the new imagery that had begun flowing once she was able to be back in the studio. Scarlet is inspired by many things, including the complex beauty created by the play of light and weather on the surface of the sea, wildflowers growing in roadside ditches, mossy springs and the small streams they create beneath the exposed roots of the great cedars that shelter them, and the complex tapestries created by fields of autumn wildflowers.



William Luvender


Handmade Jewelry


William Luvender of Mariah Sol creates beautiful one-of-a-kind mixed metal custom jewelry pieces, including earrings, pendant, and rings.



Scott Nichols


Lighting Fixtures and Design


Scott is a lighting designer and artist. During an extended period of insomnia acquired after quitting a lifetime of drinking alcohol, Scott was spending time in his workshop at home listening to music and relaxing and wanted a lamp there. He bought some pipe, wire, a socket and a plug, and then drilled a hole in a block of wood and had a lamp. His wife saw it and totally loved the look of it and suggested that he make another and try to sell it. Scott opened a Facebook account and posted the new lamp(with a cage), and it immediately sold, so he built another and another and another, each one getting better and bigger. At one point, he started adding antiques and vintage treasures to these images he had in his head and soon started to incorporate people’s family treasures and heirlooms into custom pieces. Scott has built fixtures with skulls, bones, gas masks, flowers, cameras, gears, swords, industrial fan props, wagon wheels, cameras, tobacco tins, a prosthetic leg, a ladder, mason jars, insulators, doll heads, truck parts, horns, a goat skull, pulleys, books, an entire spinal cord from a deer and everything in between. He has shipped pieces of all shapes, sizes and designs all over the US. Each piece is named as a “character” Scott conceives based on the fixture’s aesthetic and meaning.



Leigh Pawling


Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media


Leigh attended Wittenberg University, where she received a bachelor of fine art degree, and then proceeded to New York City, where she stayed for the next four and a half years studying drawing and painting from the figure at the Art Students League.  Her primary teacher  at the League was well known artist and teacher Peter Cox. In 1997 she opened her own studio near her hometown in Kingston PA, a 1,000 foot loft space which afforded her the time and space to develop her own voice while teaching private students, doing commission work and works for galleries. Leigh is a Pennsylvania Registered Artist and is one of the painting instructors for the vital Arts Alive program housed at Marywood University.  



Nancy Rehm


Oil Pastel Paintings


Originally from Gettysburg, Nancy moved to this area in 2017, when her husband, David, became Vice President of Academic Affairs at Misericordia University. Nancy studied art at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, at Tufts University, where she was a drama major specializing in theatrical design. She worked as a professional costume and set designer in Boston before returning to Gettysburg and becoming a teacher, a profession from which she recently retired. She is a member of the Adams County Arts Council and has had work displayed in its juried shows. Nancy is scheduled for a personal show there in October 2019. Although she has worked in many different types of media, including watercolor, oil paint, and even fresco, oil pastel is her preferred medium. She describes her work as ‘sophisticated finger-painting.’ She draws with the pastels and uses her fingers to blend them on the paper.



Piera Santi-Marotto


Acrylic and Oil Paintings


Born in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, Piera immigrated to America with her parents in 1955 when she was 3½ years old. Her family made the long journey to America in anticipation of the opportunities America offered for building a better life for their family. Her art is inspired by her background and varied life experiences and pays homage to her Italian roots – love of food, culture and wine making. Piera also depicts nature, fashion, whimsy, and American patriotism stemming from her immigrant background and 17 years as an Air Force wife. Although she started out in oils, she has gravitated to working in acrylics because of the quick drying time that allows her to keep painting. She also loves the many textures that can be incorporated to create not only visual but interesting tactile experiences.



Frank Wengen




Frank Wengen has been painting watercolors for nearly four decades and draws inspiration for his art from the awesome beauty discovered through observation of everyday things. Most of his work is a result of time spent exploring the forests, fields, and streams that surround his home in the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He paints to capture, translate, and share with his viewers the uplifting, peaceful, and comforting emotions he experiences through his frequent forays afield. When he was a young man, a good friend and mentor informed him that he would be a truly wealthy person if he became an artist. At the time, Frank confused his words to mean he would have financial wealth. It was only later in life that he realized that he was speaking more about the richness of living the life of an artist, and developing the skill to observe, appreciate and value the beauty of life in the world.



Kaitlynn Wolfram


Barelife Natural Bath and Body


Kait lives in Duryea and specializes in handcrafted, natural bath and body products created in small batches to ensure freshness. By using high quality ingredients, oils, and butters, she makes products that strip the chemicals out of everyday life.